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White Dental Offers a Wide Range of Braces in Singapore

Orthodontic treatment (braces) has changed considerably over the years. For patients all across Singapore, this means that there are now more choices, and getting braces is becoming more affordable than ever before.

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At White Dental, we offer a wide array of different options when it comes to braces, to ensure that we are catering to the individual needs of all of our clients. Different types of braces are made available to suit the needs of our patients. Besides the conventional metal brackets, tooth-coloured (porcelain) brackets are also available for patients who prefer less visible braces. Other “invisible” orthodontics like lingual braces, for example the Incognito™ braces system and Invisalign, are available at the clinic. The SimpliClear® braces system has clear brackets and wires making braces more inconspicuous.

There is also a new generation of orthodontic brackets known as ‘self-ligating brackets’ (eg Damon or Smartclip) which create less friction between the wire and the bracket. This allows for relatively faster movement of the teeth and less discomfort for the patient. The tooth-coloured version of such braces is now available.

Usually, a patient is only ready for treatment when all the milk teeth have fallen out at about the age of 12. Some patients will, however, benefit from early or interceptive orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontist will do a jaw and teeth analysis to determine if this is necessary.

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White Dental is comprised of a team of highly experienced dentists. Located in the basement of Balmoral Plaza, our clinic is convenient to reach for people all across Singapore. Aside from braces, we also offer a wide range of dental services, including bad breath management, cosmetic dentistry and much, much more. Rest assured that you’re in good hands when you make an appointment with White Dental.

Link: www.invisalign.com
Link: www.simpliclear.com

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lower jaw protruding
lower jaw protruding
Large spacing between teeth
Deep Bite
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Metal braces
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