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Mini Dental Implants in Singapore

One determining factor for the success of dental implants is the amount of bone available to place the artificial implant root. This artificial implant root comes in different lengths and diameters for use in different anatomical situations. A thicker bone will allow placement of a larger diameter implant root and a thinner bone will have to be done with a narrower diameter implant root.

After the extraction of the natural teeth, the bone with the missing tooth will continue to resorb, that is, getting thinner over time. If the site to be replaced with implant has gone through so much resorption that dentists could not place in even the narrowest diameter of the implant root available, it would then not be possible for dental implant procedures to be carried out.

Under such circumstances, the resorbed bone site might have to go through further surgical procedures to rebuild and thicken the bone prior to the placement of the dental implant. Some patients, who aren’t keen on going through these additional bone grafting procedures or aren’t suitable for the more extensive surgical procedures either due to some underlying medical conditions etc., may consider Mini Dental Implants.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

In view of treatment principle, mini dental implants do not vary too much from conventional implants. The main difference is that mini dental implants use a very small diameter implant root to support the crown. For example, the diameter of the conventional dental implant roots usually range from 3.0mm to 5.0mm. The mini dental implants can have their implant fixture as narrow as 2.5 or even 2.0mm in diameter.

Since it is smaller in diameter, the wound for the mini implant procedure will also be relatively smaller as compared to the conventional dental implants. Sometimes, no surgery is even needed to place the mini dental implants. The fee for mini dental implants is also much lower as compared to the conventional dental implants as they require less clinical time to complete. One of the concerns of mini dental implants is that there are still not as many clinical studies on its success rate as those for conventional dental implants.

Our clinic in Singapore provides both conventional and mini dental implant services, if the cases are deemed suitable.

Conventional Implant vs Mini implant
conventional Implant vs Mini implant
conventional Implant vs Mini implant
Mini Implant
Mini implant
Mini implant
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