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Routine Check up

Routine dental check-ups can help you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime as your your dentist can detect early dental diseases and prevent further progression. Dental diseases in their early stages may be without any symptoms. Early detection and management will not only simplify the treatment but also will lower the overall treatment cost.There are other causes or risk factors that may lead to premature loss of teeth. The three main causes: Gum disease, decayed teeth and loss of teeth structure from grinding at night, or from acidic food and beverages.Dental X-rays play an important part in the early detection of dental diseases as many diseases may not be visible in the early stages. For example, decay hiding in-between the teeth, bone loss under the gums and the development of cysts or tumours in the jaw bones are all not apparent to the naked eye.

Mixed Dentition
Showing Dentigerous Cyst
Showing Large Cysts
Showing Impacted Tooth
Bite wing x-ray
bitewing L
bitewing R
Bite wing x-ray
Bite wing x-ray

The different types of dental X-rays include the Orthopantomography (OPG), Periapical and Bitewings etc. The OPG provides a good general view of the jaw and teeth condition, allowing the dentist to screen for impacted teeth, cyst, tumour or any other pathology of the teeth and jaw bone that may not be visible clinically. The periapical X-ray allows a close up view of the tooth including the root tip area. Bitewings radiographs show the level of bone support and check for decay in between the teeth areas.

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