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Trustworthy Dentistry for Kids

Our clinic accepts patients as young as 1 to 3 years old.

Children should start seeing the dentist when they are not having any dental problems so their confidence can be built up from there.


If the child’s first dental visit is when he or she is already having a toothache, the child will most likely associate pain with dentistry, and may develop negative attitude towards dental care.

A good dental experience is crucial for very young patients to build and maintain a positive attitude towards dental care.

Jensen, 3 years old having fun with dental instruments
Jensen, 3-year-old having fun with dental instruments

We provide our patients, families and friends with a fun, cheerful, caring and positive environment. Our office and treatment rooms are designed especially with the young patient in mind.

It has been said that a child’s first dental appointment is the most important in his or her life. The main objective of the first appointment is for the child to enjoy the visit and be happy to come again.

Playroom for the kids while waiting for their turns
Playroom for the kids while waiting for their turns

A dentist for children at White Dental

At White Dental, our dentists love children! With a friendly and reassuring approach, we will make your child’s dental visit an enjoyable one — and leave your kids with a positive perception of dentistry!

Preparation for the first dental visit

It is not unusual that most people are nervous at the prospect of visiting a dentist. Parents sometimes “overdo” it when preparing their children for the dental visit by saying that the dentist ‘will not hurt’, or by bribing them to be good with the promise of a toy (or even sweets!).

We would suggest that it is better to be as casual as possible when preparing your child for their first dental visit. Do not make the visit the high point of the day. Your child will suspect that something is up. Simply inform him or her that you are taking him/her to visit the dentist, and that the dentist will look at his/her teeth, count them ad help to look after them. Avoid conversation in the home that might include unfavourable references to dentistry. Avoid saying negative words like ‘pain’, ‘jab’, ‘pull’, or ‘drill’. Try not to be anxious

Min Min 001
Sher Min enjoying her dental visit
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